National Park Service Art Exhibition

Dmitri and his Students of Weir Farm Art Academy



May 1- October 31

Visitor Center Gallery

The rocky landscape of Weir Farm with its 18th and 19th century buildings, stone walls, fields, gardens and pond has been inspiring artists since 1882 when Julian Alden Weir first acquired the property.  The tradition continues today with the park’s Artist-in-Residence and Take Part in Art programs, Impressionist Painting Workshops, and informal visits by individuals and groups setting up easels in the landscape for a few hours or a day.

Master artist and instructor Dmitri Wright started teaching our weekend Impressionist Painting Workshops seven years ago.  In 2014, working closely with the park, he established the Weir Farm Art Academy, an intensive and immersive week-long program for artists at all stages in their development.

Participants learn the methods, techniques, and visual language used by the American Impressionists in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Students then experiment with using these practices to capture what is before them in both plein air and studio work.  They depart the week as artists with a renewed vision and voice for their work through the experience of studying the nature of art, in nature.

Along with Dmitri, there are thirteen artists represented were all students of his here at Weir Farm.  They are in various stages of their development as artists, ranging from relative beginner to professional.  Each have been inspired by this historic landscape, and captured it in their vision.  They have in their own way helped to preserve and advance the American Impressionist plein air tradition.

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