PREFACE    vii
Capturing Light     1
Color and Brushstrokes as Light    1
the illusion of Light    4
Optically Mixed colors to achieve the illusion of Light    4
Close range abstraction     4
Middle range design     5
Far range representationalism    5
The Elements of Light: Contrast, Qualities, and Mysteries    8
The 8 Elements of Light     8
The Qualities of Light    10
The Mystery of Light    11
Light from, Light through and Light on    13
Light From, through, On    13
The light of woodlands and fields    14
Painting Woodlands and Fields as an impressionist painter    16
impressionist vs.     17
realistic vs. abstract    17
Capturing Moments    18
– 12 Acts of Light    19
Light Act One - Butterflies Are Solar    19
Light Act Two - As Truth Delight    21
Light Act Three  - As Song    24
Light Act Four - Gravity Of Life    26
Light Act Five - Mentors Of The Dark    28
Light Act Six - Quid Hoc Ad Aeternitatem    30
Light Act Seven - Child of Light    32
Act Eight - Prepare Yourself For Act Nine    34
Light Act Nine -To God Be The Glory    36
Light Act Ten - Think Deeper    38
Light Act Eleven - His Glory See    40
Light Act Twelve - Amen    42
About the author    57


Capturing light
Without light we cant see we can only see the reflections of light off of things or things that emit light. Impressionists painters were inspired that white light or natural light is made up of color. The findings of  sir Isaac Newton inspired them to look at their world in a new way than the old masters and the academy tradition which they were a part of. This source of illumination that many take for granted is the prime mover for one of the worlds greatest art forms impressionism.
Impressionist painters capture the illusion of light in their paintings by the dynamic use of color pigments. Here are three stages of painting process that work together to create the illusion of light in Impressionist Artworks:
Color and Brushstrokes as Light
How - light is made of color brushstrokes are the delivery system from palette to support. Here in lies the science and poetry of impressionism. Science and poetry dance a tango for impressionists to express themselves. Nothing must be too serious or for granted. Impressionism is Jazzical meaning structure and improvisation is active as one integrated Idea. Don’t think either or instead be and with. Color and Light work this way with the impressionist mindset and so does brushstrokes. The following are three things to think about color and brushstrokes as light  and MORE......

The 12 Acts of Light: Reflections & Insights

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