Working in Floral Abstraction - Online 



Instructor: Dmitri Wright @ Silvermine
June 17 – June 19, 2020 ·

Meets: We Th Fr · 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Age: Adult Online Art Studio (Ages 18 +)

This workshop meets for three-days via Zoom. From a series of steps moving from abstracting the realistic to the abstract we will explore the foundational elements of nature. In applying one’s personal perception, temperament and aesthetical beauty to conceptual interpretation of the radiance and essence of the ideas within the floral images. Each will work at their own pace and selected media. There will be painting demonstrations and examples of color and compositional theory. Student to bring in a bouquet of flowers or high-resolution images of their favorite as a point of inspiration.

We will email you the private meeting link and password 24 hours in advance of the workshop. Supplies: Note pad for notes and pen Sketch book and pencil Bouquet of flowers or high-resolution images of their favorite flowers Student my work in their medium of choice: Oils, Watercolors, Acrylic and/or Pastels



Private Study @ Dmitri's Studio - Online


Individualized lessons for professionals and those seeking to become one.


Fees $120.00 per hr

My mission is the Uniqueness of Each Artist. Under Dmitri's mentorship students discover their personal narrative both in subject matter and material and methods. Students learn how to find their own voice as an artist, by experiencing artistic freedom due to Dmitri building upon the student’s natural ability; teaching each one the methods and particularized innovations needed to achieve one’s vision through a narrative of personalized subject matter and techniques. 


Professional and talented/gifted beginning artists are welcomed to arrange for a consultation.


Offered either at Dmitri's studio or yours.

Call 203-832-3325 or click Contact for more information.

Rescheduled till Fall

call for a plein air virtual workshop





Plein Air Painting: Study the Nature of Art in Nature



Instructor: Dmitri Wright
June 23 – June 26, 2020 · Meets: Tu We Th Fr · 10:00 AM – 04:00 PM

This workshop meets for four-days. A world away awaits you just 15 minutes from Silvermine in one of the nation’s finest remaining landscapes for American art in the only national park dedicated to American painting. Discover the plein air experience at Weir Farm National Historic Site, home of J. Alden Weir and American Impressionism.




Contemporary Impressionism: Painting from Experience to Expression



Dmitri Wright

Friday | 9am-12pm | $320 

6 Weeks | July 10 – August 14 

Develop your own unique style while discovering the philosophy and techniques used by the Impressionists. Students will discover their own voice and experience artistic freedom through the methods of building upon one’s natural ability. The classical and modern tools from illustrative to the abstract used by the Impressionists will be presented. Students from all schools and levels can work in any medium of their choice.

Abstract Painting: Symbols, Characters and Essentials



Dmitri Wright

Friday | 1pm-4pm | $320 

6 Weeks | July 10 – August 14

Developing your own unique personal vision as an abstract painter and explore new ideas via the art of the creative process. Focus will be on the abstraction from the representative within the tension of the push and pull of character forms, which are played out upon the 2-dimensional surface. Students will participate in playful exercises in working large, both individually and collectively, to experience the interplay of representational, expressionist, and symbolism. Students can work in any medium of their choice.



Capturing Luminosity of Watercolors 



Dmitri Wright

Thursday | 9am-12pm | $

4 Weeks | August 6 – 27 

The instructor will demonstrate the basic materials of brush craft, palette setup, paper selection and water media working styles according to students personalized interests. Students will experiment with the methods of flat and graduated wash with its all of it variations, in addition to the glaze and layering approaches as they relate to transparent and opaque painting process. All levels are welcome.


Capturing Your Subject: Foundation Drawing and Painting



Dmitri Wright

Thursday | 1pm-4pm | $

4 Weeks | August 6 – 27  

Students interested in capturing more of a realistic vision of their subject will be introduced to, and experiment, with the various essentials in order to bring more life to their work. The core canons of representational school will be presented in step-by-step demonstration with lecture, along with individual and group activities. Still life and photographic reference will be used as inspiration for duration of this course. Students of all levels and media are welcomed from those interested in more classical approaches or leaning more towards the contemporary.

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